About Us

We help innovative brands to launch in Europe and the Middle East

Founded in 2014 by Warren Hudson, Unlock EMEA works with a number of carefully selected, innovative brands to help them launch, or grow, in Europe and the Middle East. The EMEA market is very complicated, with many countries, languages, cultures and retailers, so it is very easy to make expensive mistakes. Our team has a vast amount of experience, which you can leverage, to get things right first time around, giving your brand the very best opportunity to succeed. 

Who We Are

A team of European Channel experts who have been launching brands across EMEA for many years.

Our Mission

To be a one stop shop for brands who want to launch online and in retail across all EMEA markets.

What We Do

We help you prepare for market, develop sales channels and appoint a partner network that gives you the best chance of success.

Our History

Founded in 2014, we are a team of channel experts who know exactly what’s required in building a successful brand in EMEA. Having worked for retailers, distributors and manufacturers we’ve gathered unique insights into each part of the supply chain. Since we started on this journey we’ve helped over 50 brands successfully launch their products and accelerate their growth in EMEA, online and in-store.

Our Launch Process


We will work with you to ensure your products are ready for market helping with localisation, compliance, pricing and contracts.


In collaboration with the key stakeholders in your business we will define the right online and offline strategy to meet your sales objectives


We will build a plan that is aligned to your sales objectives. We can move quickly in all markets, or we can take a phased approach ensuring you only enter a new market when you are ready


Acting as your representative, we will attend key partner meetings to present your product range, as we seek to secure placement in retail.


Acting on your behalf we will negotiate the best possible terms as we build a partner network that will provide years of profitable growth.


We will secure retail placements to ensure your target customers discover your products in their favourite retail stores. 

Why Choose Us?

Our team has a wealth of experience in each part of the supply chain from manufacturing to retail.

After many years working in the Consumer Electronics channel we know which partners from our tried and tested network of 200+ distributors and 400+ retailers are right for your brand.

We work as an extension of your team, keeping you updated on our progress in each market.

You won’t need any other sales partner for EMEA. We build sales channels online, in retail and in specialist B2B.

We will review our partnership on a quarterly basis to ensure it continues to meet your objectives. If things change we adapt.

To be successful in EMEA you can hire your own person or you can work with Unlock EMEA at a lower cost and with access to a team of experts.

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