Unlock EMEA are a specialist team of experts who have launched some of the world’s most innovative Consumer Electronics brands.

Acting as your outsourced sales team in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, we will utilise our tried and tested network of retail and distribution partners to help build the international business you deserve.

Opening the Door to New Opportunities

A Hand in Hand Partnership to Grow Your Brand. We Go Way Beyond Distribution.


Studies of the market, branding, competitors, consumer spending, margin/commercial consultations and price point analysis, etc.


Negotiating reliable and suitable distribution channels, protecting the brand through copyright and trademark registry, etc.


Online/Offline strategy developed and executed including Amazon, co-ordination of Global Marketing/PR/Social Media channels, etc.


Maintain supply chain relationships, implement in-store theatre, execute sales strategies, resolve inventory issues, support retail network, etc.


Key Territories


Total Population

Expand into EMEA

If you are looking to launch your brand in to EMEA, we have everything in place to make this happen. Our channels have been developed over many years and our relationships in both distribution and retail are strong.

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