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Europe's Leading Sales Agency Driving Growth Online and in Retail Stores

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Our team is a collection of vastly experienced experts with a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed. Our ‘service pillars’ are broadly defined in to 6 categories and designed to help our partners better understand the journey to success.

Market Preparation

Before entering a new market it is critical that you are prepared. There may be different rates of VAT to consider, specific channel margin requirements, local certifications as well as packaging (and app) translations. Although it may be your first time launching in the EMEA market, we have done it many times before. As your local team we will cut through the complexity and get your products in to the market.

Online Strategy

The right online strategy is vital. Not only will it maximise your ecommerce sales, it will also support your retail business. Poor customer reviews are as much a problem for retail buyers as they are for consumers. Our expertise ensures your products are well merchandised and optimised for discoverability. And the good news is that with the right strategy, it is possible to sell products online in Europe without the pricing challenges everyone talks about!​

Retail Strategy

As you think about entering any new market it's important to consider which retailers are the best fit. You may have some aspirational retailers you want to work with, you may be relevant to particular demographics or there may be some obvious channels where the product is most likely to sell. The most important thing is that your target consumers discover your product in the stores at which they shop.

Channel Development

Acting as your brand’s sales team, we work to appoint the right partners from our tried and tested network of 200+ distributors based on your product category and strategic objectives. Finding the right distribution partners for your brand is the first step, we then proactively put together and execute a sales strategy through all the contacts we have across 400+ retailers within the the EMEA and APAC territories.​

Online Sales

You may already be familiar with online sales through your own website in your home market. When you launch internationally you'll need to consider logistics, currencies, localisation and certification. Amazon is the dominant player in many geographies but they don't trade in every market. We can help you sell online and we can connect you with the right online partners in every market.

Channel Management

Establishing the right partner network is only the beginning when tackling the EMEA territory. We work closely with each distributor you are listed with, checking in regularly and building sales forecasts, agreeing local marketing initiatives and delivering customer training. We will also consult with you to ensure that your product roadmap is robust and interesting enough to satisfy retailer and ultimately, consumer demand.


Europe's Leading Sales Agency, Driving Growth Online and in Retail Stores.

For the last 15 years we have supported more than 50 outstanding brands to scale in the Europe and the Middle East.

We have a tried and tested network of distributors and retailers,
so we can create a solid foundation for many years of profitable growth.

Unlock EMEA is a strategic sales partner to some of the world’s most innovative brands. Founded in 2014, our vastly experienced team has a proven track record of supporting early stage companies to scale, fast. Our dedicated Amazon team can help to make your products available within a matter of days, with world class, highly discoverable listings, combined with smart tactics to drive traffic and generate reviews. Our vastly experienced retail team can help you to define the correct placement strategy and negotiate the best possible terms for supply, via a tried and tested distribution network. Want to be in airports, Apple channels, department stores, major chains, or on TV? All of that is possible.

Our Retail & Online Partners

What Our Clients Say

As our company was adding EMEA distribution as part of our growth plan, I spent quite a bit of time studying best practices, talking to other brands as to what they found successful, and even met with several potential distributors in the region. I was introduced to Unlock EMEA and quickly realized that they could be a great resource for our small company. I have nothing but positive comments for what Unlock EMEA was able to do for us as we expanded to over 22 countries in our first year. Their integrity and deep experience are unmatched. It truly was a pleasure doing business with them, and I would work with them again in a heartbeat.
We partnered with Unlock EMEA in January 2015 in order to establish our sales channels in Europe and the Middle East. The partnership lasted two years and it was the perfect incubator. From initial discussion, the Unlock team devised a full sales strategy that suited our requirements, which were to go narrow and deep with top retailers and distributors in priority countries. Unlock EMEA also helped us with our online strategy and laid a fantastic foundation for years of growth. The team is super well connected and vastly experienced.
Over the past 3 years that we have been working with Unlock, Nomad has seen sales double in Europe, year over year. Although this is incredible growth, we are most grateful for recommendations for key partners and adaptive strategy that meets the demand of varying markets. Their knowledge and breadth of the CE and accessories industry in EMEA is truly unmatched. The group’s honesty, loyalty, experience, and drive make the difficulty of launching into new markets a smoother and quicker experience. The Nomad team and I give Unlock our highest recommendation for brands looking to launch in Europe, the Middle East or Africa.

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