Jamstik and Senstroke now available in Argos

Make some noise for our recent product placements in Argos!

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a rockstar, shredding a most excellent guitar solo or crashing along on the drums to Phil Collins’ ‘In the air tonight’?!

Well, drumroll please… Unlock EMEA is delighted to have secured placements with Argos for two of the world’s most innovative connected-music brands:

Jamstik – the connected guitar which makes learning chords, scales and picking both fun and responsive. If Santana had one of these when growing up, he might not have needed the help of that ‘Black Magic Woman!’

Senstroke – the connected drum sensors which turn your environment into a virtual drum kit. Slide the sensors onto the included drumsticks (or use your own) and learn your chops in the Senstroke app… When you’re ready to give John Bonham a run for his money, hop into Garageband and let loose with the plethora of drum sounds on offer!

Parents, if you are reading, the best thing about both of these products (from your perspective) is that both can be used with headphones keeping you sane and maintaining diplomatic relations with the neighbours!

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