Becoming a Successful Brand in Europe

Becoming a successful brand is really hard work. Add in international growth with fragmented and decentralised markets and the task becomes even more complicated. For the past decade Unlock EMEA has been launching and expanding brands in Europe and the Middle East. We have helped more than 50 brands to scale, generating over $250m in incremental revenue, both online and in retail stores. Which countries should you start in? Who are the right business partners? What are the best marketing tactics? How should you manage Amazon? These are just a few critical questions that need to be answered and getting just one wrong could be very costly. Based in the UK, our team has extensive experience and a vast contact network of world class, tried and tested business partners. We have a comprehensive understanding of the European and Middle East region so can build an outstanding strategy for your brand. Once the strategy is set, our team works hard to get you the listings you deserve. 

If you’re just starting out you may well be getting a lot of incoming leads from trade shows or via your website. It’s a harsh reality that a vast majority of these leads would not be a good choice. Many of those enquiries will be opportunistic and lack the capability, experience and connections to meet your expectations, even if they tell you otherwise. Selling your products to a partner like this may feel like a quick win but the implications can be very dangerous, long lasting and far reaching. As Europe is a very fragmented market, here at Unlock EMEA we advocate a narrow and deep approach for stage 1 where we work with a smaller number of the right partners in a very deep, supportive and strategic way. For most successful brands the 80/20 rule applies, so our recommendation is to start with the priority countries that will deliver the vast majority of the revenue.

We are well connected in all regions and are proud to say that many of our long-standing customers are also great friends who are always glad to hear from us when we bring innovation to their doorstep. To be successful in Europe and the Middle East it’s important that you have local knowledge and experience. Simply hiring a distributor will not cut it, as many carry lots of brands so struggle with focus. There are two potential solutions, either you can either hire a person or better still work with Unlock EMEA and leverage a great team with a vast amount of knowledge for a lower cost. If you would like to learn more we would suggest booking an exploratory call which is free and without obligation. We have lots of questions which will prompt healthy discussion on your readiness for launch.

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