In early 2022 the impact of the global pandemic was still being felt and whilst (arguably) the most important event of the year, CES 2022, went ahead, attendance was significantly down. Some of our clients exhibited at the show, but many of their distribution partners didn’t attend and in response we were asked whether we could arrange substitute (live) meetings instead. And so Channel Unlocked was born!

It was a tricky project. Anyone who has organised any sort of event will know there are always a few logistical challenges. On top of that, many people were still reluctant to travel. COVID 19 remained prevalent and travel plans were being changed at the last minute. However we managed to make it happen! In February 2022 the first Channel Unlocked event took place in London. It gave our clients a private space for them to meet with their most important distributors in one location in Europe. They could showcase the latest products and there was also an opportunity to meet informally as a group in the evening.

Thankfully the impact of COVID 19 continues to be less impactful to businesses. IFA went ahead in Berlin in September 2022 and CES in Las Vegas in January 2023. Whilst attendance at both events wasn’t quite at pre-pandemic levels, it was certainly good enough to make the travel to each event worthwhile for most of us in the industry. We’re hopeful that these 2 events will retain their place as a destination for brands to meet new and existing customers to share the exciting developments for their brand and products.

So where does that leave Channel Unlocked?

Much to our surprise there is strong interest in us putting another on another event. Having an opportunity to meet with close partners between CES in January and IFA in September is something brands are really keen on. We’re working on the details right now so watch this space!

Some details on the event


A carefully curated network of brand-building distributors from across Europe will be invited to come along and see the latest innovations live from existing and new vendors alike. We invite companies from a host of countries including UK, France, Germany, Benelux, Spain, Italy, the Nordics and the MiddleEast. To maximise the networking opportunity for visitors and exhibitors, this is an invite-only event and all attendees are carefully vetted.

Event Format

The event consists of pre-scheduled meetings between brands and distributors, an open plan product showcase area and an opportunity to get together as a group to share stories and have some fun.


The 2023 event is scheduled to take place in May in London, one of Europe’s flagship retail locations. We’re working on the details right now so watch this space or contact or with any questions.

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