Retailer Spotlight – MediaMarkt

Retailer Spotlight - MediaMarkt

Europe’s largest consumer electronics retailer is German business MediaMarkt. Founded in Munich in 1979, they now have over eight hundred stores across Europe. MediaMarkt operates in thirteen countries including Belgium, Italy, Poland, Sweden and Spain. Along with fellow German retailer Saturn, they are part of the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group.


MediaMarkt’s product range includes both consumer electronics and domestic appliances. In their stores, they emphasise the ability to handle products before they are bought. Recently MediaMarkt have developed an “omnichannel” approach. The aim is to make buying goods easy and flexible.


A distinct brand identity has been at the centre of MediaMarkt’s success. Over the years, they have developed humorous- and occasionally controversial- marketing campaigns. And this ties into their slogan: “Ich bin doch nicht blöd” (“Hey, I’m not stupid”). The simple phrase implies that MediaMarkt customers will not be tricked into paying higher prices. Today, it has been translated into a dozen languages.


Marketing is only one component of their success though. MediaMarkt are one of the largest retail chains in the world. But the company has a decentralised structure. Each store manager has a special role in the business. The company grants them ownership stake in their store and they can make important decisions about which products to stock. This means local stores can choose the products that best serve their customers.

The structure works for consumers and staff. But it might present a problem for brands. If you’re looking to secure placement in MediaMarkt stores, you face an extra challenge. As well as convincing the head office buyer, you have to convince store managers too.


If you’re a consumer electronics brand then MediaMarkt could be part of your expansion in European retail. Unlock EMEA has experience working with MediaMarkt across several markets. We know which products are suitable for the retailer. And we can we understand the nature of the business and how to succeed in securing placement.

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