Unlocking Amazon in Europe

Doing a great job on Amazon is more important than ever these days. With over 150 million customers paying for Amazon prime and millions of active sellers, it’s critical that you execute to a world class level in order to achieve your potential. Due to the global pandemic, there’s lots of new customers joining Amazon too. Take my grandma, for example, since COVID-19 she’s now set up with an iPad, an Amazon account and there’s no stopping her!

We speak to many brands who believe that they are doing a good job on Amazon, but we are yet to meet a brand that we could not help to improve in one way or another. For the last 15 years the specialist online team at Unlock EMEA has been helping many famous brands to launch, improve and, ultimately, scale on Amazon. Brands like Fitbit, Sphero, Beats, GoCube, Toshiba and Play Osmo have all benefited from our experience.

Our blueprint for success is tried, tested and works every time:
Are your product pages fully optimised, giving you the best chance to convert?
Are you using great product images and video?
Are you in the right category and easily discovered, using the best keywords in your titles?
Do your product reviews help to reassure your potential buyer?
These are just some of the questions that our team will help you to answer in the most effective way.

Perhaps you are also concerned about multi country VAT, or your brand registration on Amazon? Don’t be, we can help there too. We also have plenty of experience in helping you plan your logistics, allowing you to deliver the best customer experience at the lowest possible cost. Maybe you also want some advice on promo planning to make the most of those moments when consumers are really in the mood to spend – well, that’s our thing too.

Here at Unlock EMEA we really are well positioned to help do a great job with the world’s largest retailer, unlocking the potential for exponential growth. We would be delighted to jump on a call and discuss your current Amazon set up and make recommendations for improvements, where necessary.

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