What a Difference a Year Makes!

This time last year, the Unlock EMEA team were in Las Vegas waking up to their final day at CES, the world’s biggest technology conference. It had been a very busy, very productive week and we were excited to return to the UK and follow up on all the meetings we had conducted during the show. Ruhel’s video gives a short insight into that final day.

The world has been turned upside down since then and face to face events like CES are largely on hold, at least for now. On Tuesday the all digital version of CES launches and we are committed to helping our clients in any way we can to help show their new products to channel partners. To those of you “attending” the show, we wish you every success.

With the Coronavirus vaccine now being rolled out in many countries the day when we conduct face to face meetings again, suddenly seems closer. We’ve done a lot of video meetings this year and they’ve been a vital part of keeping business going during the pandemic. But for me nothing is quite as good as a face to face interaction.

To all of our brands, channel partners, friends and colleagues we look forward to the day when we meet up again, and perhaps even have a beer together. In the meantime we hope you will join us in wishing good riddance to 2020 and a warm welcome to 2021. Let’s hope it brings us lots of exciting opportunities.

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